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The Godfather of Karate

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27th July 1923

The Birth of Sosai

Masutatsu Oyama, later to become Kancho of the International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kaikan was born on July 27th.
(June 4th by reckoning of the old Japanese calendar)


Enter the High School

Mas Oyama entered junior high school in Seoul, Korea, where he started his study of Chinese Kempo.


April 1937

Yamanashi School of Youth Aviation (Japan)

Mas Oyama entered the Yamanashi School of Youth Aviation, Japan.

April 1946

Enter Wased University

Entered the Department of Physical Education, Waseda University. Mas Oyama had already met Ms. Teruko Fujimaki, who was later to become Mrs. Chiyako Oyama. It is said that he always wore the uniform hat of Waseday university.

October 1946

Training at Mount Minobu

Mas Oyama went to Mt. Minobu for training.


September 1947

Winner of All Japan

Mas Oyama entered and won the first
post-World War 2 All Japan Tournament held at Maruyama Gymnasium, Kyoto.